Dear Sir :

It is often said that business knows no frontiers, but in reality the crossing of those barriers and the conduct of international business can be frustrating, time consuming and sometimes fruitless. In many cases the root causes are related to cultural and language gap, differing business practices and government procedures, or a combination of all these factors. Doing business with Japanese and Asian companies is particularly difficult; in the Orient modes of thinking and behavior are far removed from those in the supremely rational West.

INVESTMENT INTERNATIONAL seeks to bridge the gap between businessmen in the West and their colleagues, actual or prospective, in Japan and South East Asia. Our aim is to maximize the profit opportunities for both partners. We have extensive international business experience. Just as important, we are well versed in the commercial cultures of both East and West and are equally at home communicating in English or Japanese.

As international consultants, we provide services in the various fields detailed in the following pages. We are dedicated to bringing together the right people, with the right information at the right time, in the right place and in following through to the point of successful conclusion.

We look forward to helping you,


Kazuakira Nakajima