Systematic Approach

From initial consultation through research, analysis, planning and recommendation, the emphasis is on the provision of a personal integrated service for our clients.

Practical Approach

Our recommendations are formulated in terms of exactly what needs to be done and how. We cultivate the art of the possible in a down to earth approach aimed at removing all  obstacles to the success of the client's objective.


At the client's request, we are always prepared to commit ourselves fully to assist in the implementation of our recommendations. We back our words with action and on additional assurance to the client of the soundness of the recommendations.

Highest Ethical Standards

All information regarding clients is treated in the strictest confidence. It is the policy of the company never to accept concurrent assignments from clients in competition.

No Acceptance-No Fee

No fees are charged to potential clients in the preliminary discussion stage when the precise needs of the client are explored. Only when we feel confident we can help do we offer to make a firm proposal. Should the proposal not be accepted, there is no financial obligation on the part of the client. We commence detailed work only after acceptance of the proposal and accompanying estimate of fees.