Research Studies

We undertake research in and produce reports on markets, industries, products, comparative investment opportunities on given countries.

Strategic Planning

Based on the outcomes of the above studies, we formulate optimum entry strategies which basically consists of export/import, technology transfer, joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions and/or wholly owned subsidiaries.

Partner Search and Evaluation

Partner candidates will be selected from a broad range of groups of companies in various industries. At the first stage of selection, 5 to 7 candidates are selected for further evaluation. These are evaluated in terms of their financial soundness, proven managerial record, appropriate technological level and known marketing capability.

Negotiation Assistance

This is an area where our skill and local knowledge can be particularly valuable in ironing out problems and misunderstandings. From the first approach to a partner through actual negotiations to final agreement, we stand ready to smooth the way.

Executive Search and Interim Management Service

In order for clients to facilitate fulfilling their goals in Japan we also provide Systematic Executive Search. Interim Management Service includes providing a consultant to be an interim manager and/or liaison officer until a full-time officer is employed. Within this framework, he will be acting even as client's marketing, personnel and/or general administrative manager inside or outside our office till their office is established.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Our partner search expertise goes also for Mergers and Acquisition. Our systematic approach will clearly identify a group of target companies to be bought up or to be sold out. Our assistance involves defining the goal of project and establishment of criteria, based on which a search is conducted.